My paper exploring women’s negotiation performance is out in Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Journal, a publication of Pepperdine University’s School of Law. You can read it here.

Here’s a quick summary for those who don’t want to read 10,000 words:

(1) Negotiation skills are important

With fewer cases proceeding to trial and technology revolutionizing mundane legal tasks, negotiation skills are now more critical for lawyers, regardless of whether they work on litigation or corporate matters.

More generally, they’re crucial for most people working on sales, deals and general business transactions. …

COVID-19 and Commercial Contracts: Primer for Pakistani Businesses

Morial Shah, Esq.*

Published in Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi’s E-Book “Short Notes on the Economy During the COVID-19 Crisis,” Volume 3, April 6, 2020,


The spread of COVID-19 is causing global shutdowns and delays. With several countries and nearly all Pakistani provinces under virtual lockdown, businesses may be concerned about COVID-19’s impact on their commercial contracts. Contracts generally create obligations that must be performed. But in times of COVID-19, contract parties may find it hard to perform their obligations.

Contracts related to the shipping, transportation, construction, tourism, textiles…

*Forthcoming in print with The News International, posted here with permission

It’s not just the economy, stupid. Corona virus has finally killed the platitude defining politics of the 90s. It’s about lives. It always was. Sadly, some politicians and interest groups are still insisting otherwise. They’re speaking of social darwinism, possibly prematurely ending lockdowns, and sacrificing those old and sick at the altar of stock markets. Others are suggesting that poor countries can’t afford social distancing through phased shutdowns or suppression measures. They are wrong. Research suggests that countries can’t afford late action or inaction.

A report from the COVID-19…

Published in The News International*

September 28, 2019

In Pakistan and beyond, governments and investors continue to show enthusiasm for SEZs. The UNCTAD World Investment Report of 2019 focuses on SEZs. It suggests that SEZs remain the policy instrument of choice for attracting investment. Globally, around 1000 new SEZs have emerged in the last five years and another 500 are in the pipeline. Are SEZs all that they are made out to be?

Yes, but.

The attractions of SEZs are numerous. Between Deng Xiaoping’s first designating Shenzhen an SEZ and now, we’ve seen Shenzhen grow from a fishing village to…


Published by The News International

on September 7, 2019*

For over half a century, much of modern international law has been based on this cardinal rule: states must not acquire territory through the use of force. With the crisis in Kashmir following on the heels of annexations in Europe and the Middle East, we should examine: are we doing enough to deter populist strongmen from acquiring what territory they want?

Although the rule against annexation and conquest of territory is clear, states seeking to vindicate their rights against invasions and annexations contend with inadequate settlement mechanisms. …

Morial Shah, Esq.

Asia Lead, Politas Consulting| Attorney (NY)| Asst. Prof, Law @ibakarachi | Thankful to @ColumbiaLaw (LLM) @cambridgelaw (Law) @Georgetownsfs (BSFS). Own views.

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